Who We Are
Smart Plan Design was established to provide cost efficient Space Planning and Interior Design services for new building interiors, commercial renovations and retail. Interior design and millwork design is the strength of the firm. 


Smart Plan uses a computer technology to prepare colour renderings and 3D models that are completed with computer drafting and imaging programs. Time-saving electronic tools, allows Smart Plan to develop, document, and provide design and construction coordination to complete functional, stimulating, and cost-conscious interior renovations or new projects.

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Bogdan Bejm is a founder and principal of Smart Plan. He has over 20 years of experience, working in architectural, interior design firms and construction and millwork industries. He provides a straight forward approach to design and  renovations, assisting clients in full service design from planning, interior design, millwork to contract administration, and works close with trades involved to assure that projects are completed successfully.